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Happy Summertime!

We are here again and it is my fave time of year; Summer Solstice or the first day of Summer. Today we will have the longest day and shortest night as we head back toward Winter in our endless cycle of seasons. Summer Solstice is celebrated differently around the world through feast, dance, or ritual. I love to spend the day enjoying the long sunshine day and thinking about what Summer will bring. At Cypress Doula we are preparing for July births, classes coming in the Summer and a week long retreat. We just took on a birthing mentee with more to come. More classes coming in the Fall and Winter as well. I am super excited for what the Summer will bring with the river runs, camping, cookouts,

Natural Birth in the Hospital: Yes, it is possible.

I just got back from vacation and boy are my arms tired!!! Ehhh....ehhh Ok ok I am one of a few in the world who actually loves bad jokes. In all seriousness I missed a couple weeks so I could rejuvenate and yes I will write about that soon. For this week something came up while I was having a prenatal with a client. She is having her second baby in the hospital and had her first at home. It has been challenging for her to step into such a different setting the second time around. As we spoke I realized that she had a concern and I'll even say fear that so many families have about going to the hospital: Will I be heard? Can I have the birth I want? Will I be pressured into interventions and

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