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Mentorship Program

Mentorship creates a space to learn, discuss and share aspects of the work you will not find in a book. 

My mentorship program is shaped so that your mind, body and soul are considered. I want to support you in creating a thriving practice that is filled with the gifts you have for the world. Sign up today!

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Student in Library

Individual Mentorship

$375/month or $1000 if paid in full

*3 month commitment and monthly afterward (up to 9 months)

mentees receive:

  • One on One meeting session (up to 90 min)

  • Option of 1 tarot or Astrology reading

  • Support in creation of a spiritually based business plan including taxes, grievances(clients), marketing, contracts and more

  • Life coaching to work through blocks in the formation of your practice

*please note I am not a licensed tax or business professional

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