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Why ritual is important for birth

We have celebrations to mark the day we were born, ritual to give our devotion to gawd, we celebrate a teen leaving childhood to walk across the stage into adulthood and so much more. Human beings around the world have rituals to mark everything between before lie to after death and all in between. We use celebration and ritual to support us in transitions of all kinds. Ritual helps us emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically to move through life's triumphs and challenges. Whether it be a thought out decision or something that pops into your life having a child is a ritual in and of itself with the birth being a point in your human story that colors you for life; therefore we are given an opportunity to mark the gravity of this moment in all our lives.

I have had clients have something as simple as a table with pictures of friends and family to having silence in the room so the newborn can hear the word of gawd as the first thing they hear.

Birth is in of itself a ritual that has a beginning, middle and end. At each point of the birth the birthing parent and partner are going through major transformations as people on an emotional and physical level. When the room is grounded, safe, loving, responsive and respectful the new family transform into the seed of who they need to be as parent. That seed is planted and grows with the child and many decisions get made in between but that beginning place is the birth. Therefore it is important to mark this moment and give it the respect it deserves.

A ritual can be something that goes on for days or only last a minute; but for sure it will be a practice that is done more than once. Dancing to music, singing songs, prayers, walking a labyrinth anything that will allow the family to express themselves that grounds the room and the parents. I often create small and large rituals with the families that I work with and some come with their own rituals that we make sure are integrated into the birth.

Creating a ritual can feel like large task but remember it can be small and if you want it you can have outside support from friends or family. Ask your Doula or Midwife if they have any suggestions and don't be afraid to listen to your gut for what to do.

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