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Why private Childbirth Education Classes? My hospital has one.

 When I began my Doula practice in 2007 most hospitals had no CBE classes at all. Today, many hospitals offer CBE and will often have the class facilitated by a former or current Doula. Classes are typically held at the hospital or an adjacent office, with 4-10 families and happen over several weekends. Hospital CBE classes are typically at no cost to the family (via insurance), are taught with the hospitals procedures in mind and allow for you to meet other families walking through the same journey. For many families utilizing the CBE classes are the most affordable way to receive prep for their birth.

Private CBE classes are typically facilitated by a certified CBEducator, are in smaller groups and include information for home, hospital or birth center settings. Some CBE classes are now even online to be even more convenient

. Private classes may be in your home, the home of the educator or in their office near by and classes can range from $150-$400 depending on experience of the educator, location and number of participants.

When I facilitate CBE I like to go to the family home and utilize visuals. We go over topics such as: stages of labor, interventions, newborn procedures, comfort measures and more. I hold weekend crash courses, 6 weekend courses or online. 

With so many of us having seen no or very few births CBE is a great opportunity to learn more about what to expect during birth and how best to prepare. Families ask questions and clarifications that help them in their birth planning. CBE classes also can help with any fears you may have about birth as you learn more and have guidance. 

If you choose a CBEducator or a class with you hospital having a class is so important to allowing you some ease of mind.

To sign up for classes with me text me at 916.629.4844 or email me at

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