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Spiritual Offerings


Ancestral readings open the portal of communication so that you can hear what advice they may have for you and ask questions.

Tarot readings are with 3 or more cards and are a great way to talk with spirit about specific questions in your life.



Baths/Limpias are made fresh and customized to each person and your situation. I use essential oils, perfums, herbs, plants, crystals and water to create a cleansing bath for your body, mind and spirit. ( scent free baths available)

Space blessings can be done with smudging, house baths, prayers and cleanings. After a consultation I will come to your home, office, or space and bring a cleansing and blessing to it.


Is a program for those of you who may have gifts, want to learn more, or are exploring. With 3,6,9 and 12 month cycles this is a chance to let your spiritualist flag fly.

Chakra Alignment

 Is a practice of utilizing meditation and crystals to align your energy centers to your most high. Chakras are much like meridians found in accupunture and can become blocked from stress and trauma. This is an energetic modality that is fully clothed and feels like a beautiful sleep. It can bring more clarity and relaxation so you can have ease in life.


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